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Odigia was founded with the belief that education can be more...


See how our clean and easy-to-use interface can lead to more powerful and enjoyable learning. Odigia is built to be as simple and intuitive as possible, resulting in less training for your institution and more effective, enjoyable learning for your students.


Empower your teachers and students with Odigia’s revolutionary teaching and learning tools. We believe that access to intuitive tools designed for engagement and assessment can make a world of difference, so we provide a comprehensive toolbox including features such as integrated multimedia, ePortfolios, web conferencing / collaboration tools, eLearning games and learning outcomes, to name a few.


Our mission at Odigia is to empower teachers and students, not burden them with technology. However, we live in a world of rapid change and diverse needs. Our response to this challenge is to provide instant access to Odigia’s most innovative adaptive teaching and learning solutions, ensuring you have the proper tools to engage your audience.